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Familiar Faces LP + DD


Familiar Faces LP + DD

Familiar Faces LP - Honey Mustard : Limited to 300
Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on March 15th 2019)
Instant tracks 'Role Play', 'I'm All Out Of Swipes', 'dontwaitforme and 'Under Water // On Fire' (sent via email)

Track List:
Side A
1. Ouija Cult
2. Somebody Else
3. Role Play
4. Familiar Faces
5. The Sound of Violence

Side B
6. dontwaitforme
7. Under Water // On Fire
8. I'm All Out of Swipes
9. Slip
10. Distance, Disappear

Album release date is March 15th 2019

Hopeless Records ID: 282470 Catalog ID: 4611 SKU: VNSHFF00LP-DL Created: 12/10/2018
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